The Story of Custom Stencils

Are you thinking about an etched glass project? It is easy to create a personalized gift for someone close to you or an accent piece for your home. Perhaps a customer has asked you to sandblast a piece for their home or business. Your etched glass project is one-of-a-kind. No other etched glass project will have the same thought, or the same size glass, or use the same image exactly. So why would you use stencils that are sitting on a store shelf somewhere? You need custom-made stencils.

It is possible to order custom stencils made just exactly the size you need. At Pre-cut Patterns, we make stencils to fit your needs. We do not mass-produce stencils to sit on a shelf waiting for sale. Why? Because every etched glass project is unique. The size of the glass to be etched changes for every project, the size of the image needs to change to fit the glass. Your project may need to be personalized with names and dates, or other text. Ideas are infinite in etched glass, and the stencils need to fit the needs precisely.

How do you order custom glass etching stencils? Begin by browsing through our stencil catalog. If you see an image you like, that’s the first step! If you have something else in mind, learn about our custom stencil artwork. When you have an idea what image you need, call us at (616) 392-4415 and we will discuss all the details and create the image and custom stencils you need.

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