Stencil Pricing

For small patterns less than 4 square feet, pattern costs are 10 cents a square inch for our 4 mil thick patterns (suitable for acid etching and sandblast frosting) and 14 cents a square inch for our 10 mil material. We do have a $15.00 minimum.

For large patterns 4 square feet or more, the pattern cost is $9.00 a square foot for 4 mil patterns and $12.00 a square foot for 10 mil vinyl patterns.

Are you in need of a custom design for your project? Our graphic designer has over 30 years of experience in creating custom designs for etched glass. One time set-up fees begin at $35.00 for this service. If you can supply us with Adobe Illustrator files CS 3 or higher with “0” as a vector you may be able to waive the set-up fee. Send us your custom design for a quote.

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