Freqently Asked Questions

What size are the stencils?

Pre-cut Patterns are made to order. Every project is different. You determine the stencil size based on the height and width of your project. Just give us the stencil number from our glass etching stencil catalog, include the required height and width, and we will send you a layout proof for review.

What is the cost of a Pre-cut Pattern?

Stencil prices begin at $0.10 per square inch, and there is a $15.00 minimum order.

Are Pre-cut Patterns reusable?

Our stencils are not reusable. Reusable patterns break down after a few uses when sandblasting, or etching cream can seep underneath creating a fuzzy image. Using our one-time affordable patterns will give you more design choices, incredible sharpness, and the ability to incorporate lettering.

Our stencils are made from 4 mil and 10 mil vinyl. 4 mil patterns are for both chemical (acid) and abrasive (sandblasting) etching. 10 mil patterns are for sandblast carving. Both are one-time use.

Reusable stencils can be expensive and the end product can be less than desirable. The one time stencil requires an extra step but the end result is worth it.

Can I add lettering to my stencil?

Yes, we have many stencil lettering styles to choose from. We can add text to your stock designs from our library of fonts at no extra charge. If you want a font we do not have we may be able find a close match. We can also produce custom type for you.

Does Pre-cut Patterns make stencils from my art?

Yes we do. A custom setup charge will be applied based on the complexity of your design. The fastest and easiest way to get your art to us is to send an email attachment. Adobe Illustrator files are best, and other image files like JPG, PNG, and PDF files are okay. The old fashioned methods still works too. You can fax or mail your art to us.

Can I mix and match stencil choices to customize my designs?

Yes you can. For example we can take a flower from one stencil and combine a hummingbird from another stencil to create a custom stencil just for you.

Still have a question?

Call (616) 392-4415 or contact Pre-cut Patterns.