Stencils Made One-at-a-Time

Why do we insist on making glass etching stencils one-at-a-time and “made-to-order”? On any day, we might ship stencils to be used on shower enclosures, pantry doors, a table top, or for gifts such as wine glasses, picture frames or Christmas ornaments. Each stencil is intended for different customers, different projects, and different etching techniques.

The same image might be used on any of these projects, but the size needs to be different for each application. Sometimes the layout of the same image needs to be rearranged to fit the proportions of two different pieces of glass. Or a set of wine glasses may need to be etched with an individual’s name on each. The variety and creativity is unlimited. Fortunately we have a stencil-making technique which easily enables all of this variety!

Pre-cut Patterns’ stencil cutting technology allows you to determine the stencil you want for your project, and not to worry if your project fits the stencil! Call us today at (616) 392-4415 to discuss custom stencils. There is no obligation to buy, no sales pressure. Let us help you design just the stencil you need.

Glass Etching Stencil of Lace Applied to Glass

Glass etching stencil of lace design, applied to glass and ready to etch.

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